Here is some feedback from our Clients:

"When Michelle Hirschberg’s cat Oliver, was hit by a car in February, she did what most concerned pet owners would do: She took him to an Emergency Pet Clinic. Oliver, a domestic short haired cat which normally loves to eat corn right off the cob, suffered serious internal injuries from the accident. Although doctors at the clinic performed x-rays on Oliver, they did not find any fractured bones, and he was sent home. Two days later , Hirschberg noticed that Oliver had become very quiet, and she noticed that he had lost his appetite. “I thought he was going to die” Hirschberg said. “I felt guilty, I love him so much, and I thought I had let him down.

Fortunately, Hirschberg decided not to give up. She took Oliver to see Dr. Kristine Hoyt at Cats On Call in Scarborough. “Dr. Hoyt was so understanding and professional,” Hirschberg said. “I wished that I had taken Oliver there in the first place. Dr. Hoyt discovered that Oliver’s bladder had been seriously damaged. She placed an I.V. and urinary catheter and performed dialysis. She stayed awake with him for the next 24 hours. By the next morning, the toxins which were killing Oliver had been adequately removed from his body. Oliver was returning to normal, and Dr. Hoyt was able to recommend a specialist who could provide further treatment for Oliver. She has an amazing ability with cats, and her professionalism is phenomenal. She gave me advice and the comfort I needed.” Although Hirschberg was afraid that Oliver wouldn’t maike it through the night, the loving pet was able to recover after undergoing three surgical procedures . “ Oliver is back to normal now, and I owe it all to Dr. Hoyt.”

White ragdoll cat“Hello – my name is Bozie.  I know-it’s a stupid name, but hey-I’m a cat and I know what I like.  Speaking of my tastes, I would like to tell all of my other feline friends about what happened to me last December.  My parents, Ron and Donna Forest of Scarborough, noticed that I wasn’t feeling very well.  In fact I was miserable.  My skin and hair was dry and I lacked my usual enthusiasm.   I didn’t have enough energy to jump onto my dad’s lap, and I was constantly drinking water. Normally I’m a hunk –weighing in at 20lbs, but I was losing weight fast.

My mom knew something was terribly wrong and she contacted Dr. Kris Hoyt at Cats on Call in Scarborough .  Okay-I’ll admit it, I don’t like going to the doctor’s office, but guess what? Dr. Kris Hoyt does house calls! I was behaving badly when Dr. Hoyt arrived at our house, but she was friendly.  I wasn’t pleased that she took some of my blood and demanded a urine sample, but in retrospect, I’m pretty glad she did.

Dr. Kris discovered that I was diabetic, and she told my parents that I would need a special diet, vitamins, and two shots a day.  Mom said, “It’s time for kitty heaven,” but Dad said “No way!”  Dr. Kris came over to our house and showed Mom and Dad all about how to manage my diabetes; how to measure my glucose levels, and how to administer my shots of insulin.  Dr. Kris kept me out of kitty heaven, and I have to say: I’m pretty darn glad about that!  So if you’re a cat who is not feeling quite your best, have your Mom and Dad call Dr. Kris Hoyt at Cats on Call. “

Ginger Cat Lies On Bed With Grooming Comb. The Fluffy Pet Comfor“Theresa Curran of Scarborough, still remembers the day, six years ago, when Augie, a feral tiger cat decided to adopt her as his new owner.  “He just started showing up,” Curran recalls.  “We had to coax him to come into the house.   For a long time, we had to set food outside in the yard, but he eventually became a bit braver. Although Augie ended up with a new and loving owner, he had some serious health problems, associated with being neglected when he was younger. Curran noticed that Augie had a lot of breathing problems, and she contacted several veterinarians, none of whom seemed to be able to help Augie begin his recovery.

“When I contacted Dr. Kristine Hoyt, I was amazed, “Curran said “she was able to properly diagnose Augie and begin treat within hours.  She discovered Augie had a blood clot, and she was able to give me more information than a doctor in a human emergency room.  She treated Augie, and stayed by his side while he was in the intensive care unit.  She slept on a futon right next to him.  I could not believe the level of care my pet was receiving.  Dr. Hoyt was wonderfully dedicated and extremely professional. According to Curran, Augie is making a steady recovery.  “Dr. Hoyt saved Augie’s life, “she said.  “I can’t say enough good things about her.”