Scarborough's Leading Feline Veterinarian

Though many families believe that cats are low-maintenance pets, the reality is that cats have just as many health concerns as humans. They need regular checkups, vaccinations, and even dental care to keep their teeth healthy. Whether you're a first-time kitten owner or a veteran cat caretaker, it's worth your time to invest in professional care from a feline veterinarian in Scarborough, Maine. Turn to Cats On Call Hospital Inc, a cat hospital, for comprehensive cat care.

Your Local Cat Hospital

As a cat owner, you may be familiar with the challenges of bringing your pet to an all-animals veterinary office. Dogs, birds, and the occasional exotic pet can make your kitty feel anxious and aggressive. At our exclusive feline care clinic, you'll enjoy care from a cat-only vet in a feline-only setting, making it easier to bring your pet in for regular care.  If you feel that your cats would be more comfortable having our cat- whispering team come to them, then please request one of our convenient house calls. Let us make you and your cat more comfortable.

Your cat's well-being is our number one priority, and it is our goal to make sure it is as happy and healthy as possible. Because our cat hospital strives to stay up to date with the latest advances feline care, we're able to treat your cat with industry-trusted techniques and treatments. Turn to us for reliable care, even on a budget.

Trust an Experienced Cat-Only Vet

Dr. Hoyt is a cat-only vet with more than 21 years of experience in feline medical care. Due to popular demand, she established her veterinary practice with the mission of offering reliable, compassionate care for cats in both home and office environments.
The human and animal bond is an important part of our job, and it is our personal mission to provide personal and affordable services when you and your pet need them the most.